About Us


Force free positive reinforcement training undertaken with compassion and in a holistic way. We believe in giving dogs choices by reading their body language and finding ways to understand any behavioural issues that may have occurred for us to help and through training for you and your dog we pave the way forward to achieving your goals.

We are family run and worked with our dogs and others for the last 6 years. We are externally qualified by various positive reinforcement bodies and belong to BAT, PPG, PDTE, ISAP and hold Canine Principles Rescue Dog Certification. As of recent been awarded the position of Ambassador for Gibraltar for ISAP.

Our Continued Professional Development is always ongoing so that we can give our clients the best possible up to date training and that you are safe in the knowledge that your dogs are in great hands.

We are advocates of using no aversive on any of our dogs or anyone else’s so we are against prongs, shock collars, choke chains or wires or anything that might inflict pain, we only use kind methods.